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Love, Self, Love the World


Love is a beautiful thing. It helps us believe that things are possible. It helps us grow and be better.

Love allows us to evolve with Kindness.


Our youth is our future. They thirst to understand themselves, Some struggle to find self worth and joy, carrying hidden fears and anxieties. 


MonkVille is a vignetted show designed by a panel of strategic experts in the fields of health, education, psychology, spirituality, and media. The episodic will reinforce the values of self worth, compassion, service, happiness, inner peace, and mindfulness. This project is the blend of universal values with modern artistic delivery.


Story, color, music, and characters are carefully designed for maximum impact. These current day fables will be created by a team of artists that specialize in puppetry, animation, song, and film to create experiences not just a show. We need to feel it, not just be told and shown.


Simplicity of message is key. Written specifically for the ages of 6-12, these experiences will challenge the inner child in all of us for a better life. It will help us breathe, practice, and become the best version of ourselves.



Through humor and inspiration, MonkVille inspires the younger generations to become the best version of themselves, thus leading us in global change.


When we understand ourselves, we can understand each other.


When we learn to love ourselves, then we can love each other.


A better today brings a better tomorrow.


Let's provide this Hope.


Be the Change.

We Love You.




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