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MonkVille is not competing. We are adding to current educational programming. This is our philosophy. In this realm of children and future, we must provide them with as many tools as possible. These tools will help provide more solutions and options so that they will have ample opportunity.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Jim Henson and others have paved a path to kids' hearts even to this day. Now, our children have access to amazing animation, epic stories of adventure, silliness, and sometimes fluff. These are important to invoke imagination, exploration, and rest.

MonkVille fills a missing niche. The children need guidance beyond the elementary basics of math and language. They want to learn how to interact with their feelings and thoughts. They want to know how to interact with others and the environment around them. They want to pause for a moment... and remember to breathe. They need it simple, focused and authentic to their conscious level.

MonkVille wants to collaborate with others who hold similar vision. We want to work and share with artists and professionals who are driven to make a difference. Our partnerships will best honor our evolving values and intentions.

We will also create Community Projects which will allow children from all over the world to submit their videos in accordance to our guidelines. Anyone will have the potential to be featured on MonkVille along side other likeminded warriors in the world. This will bring collaboration to the ground level of participation... into the community.

How can we make the world a better place?

This venture is not about making money. It's about making a difference. If this is you... Let's work together.

Love, MonkJoe



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