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Love, Self, Love the World

MonkVille has been a self funded venture. We have learned to use available recyclable/reusable materials and tools in combination with new technology to create short compelling works. Through our collaborations, we learned to create cost effective productions in minimal time. We are able to create episodes and share them online for free.

Our base minimal level of production is 2-4 shorts a month. MonkVille functions independently and indefinitely within these parameters. We are proud of our efficiency. We are proud of our freedom to express and create based our own merit. We are blessed to be founded and supported by dedicated visionaries who provide talent and funding. We believe in what we are doing. So we do it.

We work in collaboration with our Sponsors who parallel in message and intentions. We promote each other as a strong community, working as a team to create change. Sponsors allow us to grow our vision from “tinkering in a garage” to a more refined, developed quality and production. We provide trusted connections to our audience.

As our Sponsorships grow, we will be able to build our team to create a full 25+ minute episode per week, comprising of 8-10 shorts. The quality of our community will grow. More doors will open and we will have more opportunities to share beauty and knowledge beyond our own backyard. We will help our children explore the world, museums, national parks, science labs, restaurants and other amazing locations. We will be able share more unique “faraway” perspectives along with memorable faces and feelings.

Sponsors allow us to have more tools at our disposal. Through their generosity, we continue to find ways to evolve our artistic messages. We stay unique, relevant, and most importantly consistent. We are guided by service and compassion.

We could use a bit of Hope. Let's find a way to share.

Love MonkJoe

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